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Manage Demand

Manage and distribute customer demand

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Connect people and resources seamlessly

Manage Consumer Experience Performance

Real time management of the consumer experience

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Connect employees with customers seamlessly from anywhere

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Secure web access supporting remote workers


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Chat Bots and comprehensive help resources

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No matter where your customers are we can connect them to you

Manage the customer Experience

Provision a Quickstart

iConnecTel provide the incremental building blocks needed to enable organisations to quickly start managing, learning, and adapting the consumer experience resulting in better performance.  We provide proven solutions and expertise that enables digital transformation and successful management of consumer experience.

Help BOT

Add a customisable digital help assistant to your website, providing visitors with context driven access to your organisation’s resources. Add existing resources addresses, automate behaviour and monitor real-time performance. Provide consumer profile driven options using AI or predetermined templates.

Virtual Office

Provide a collaborative online digital workspace to enable remote employees to connect using the channels, telephones and networks most convenient for them. Maintain communications, share and respond to customers effortlessly with omni-channel communications and intelligent chat and call routing.

Voice Queue Manager

Eliminates hold-times and reduces your call queues by allowing callers to request a free return telephone call instead of waiting on-hold. Callers can choose to receive the call at a convenient time, either later that day or at a mutually convenient time in the next seven days for example.

Virtual Contact Centre

A cloud-based contact centre designed to improve connection handling. Provides your organisation with a multi-channel contact centre designed to improve customer service, reduce shrinkage, increase service levels and decrease overheads. Scale with ease and enable Agents to work from home or indeed any location while responding to voice and message requests. Monitor KPIs in real-time.

Chat/Chat BOT

Consumers can connect to a company representative as they continue to view your website. Their questions can be quickly and easily answered either using a Chat Bot or by a live operator. Share supplemental media to support customer queries, route consumers to specialists based on their profile. Monitor performance in real-time.

Click to Call

Offer visitors a convenient and effective Call-to-Action that directly connects them to your organisations voice channels. Talk to customers and see what they are looking at online. Share documents, act as a concierge or provide specialised assistance based on a consumer's profile and behaviour. Give consumers the opportunity to request a callback from a CSR at a convenient time, within the hours you define.

Virtual IVR

Leverage your organisations interactive voice response menus. Mirror navigation of these menus on your website and provide a convenient way for consumers to get connected to the right resources at the right time. Provide your organisation the benefit of being able to share media with a caller whilst talking with them.

Call Scheduler

Invite visitors to request a callback at a convenient time. Send email, SMS or transfer a call to the scheduler. Send SMS/email reminders prior to the call, allow them to connect without dialling or delay or reschedule a call at their convenience. Manage your capacity and hours of operation seamlessly to ensure consumers get connected.

Marketing Dialler

Conduct outbound telephone campaigns at targeted consumers by utilising your available capacity from one to many agents. Ensure regulatory compliance and consumer privacy. Monitor the performance of campaigns in real-time. Zero integration with your existing telephony environment. Full support for a remotely distributed workforce.

SMS to Chat

Connect your SMS messaging campaigns to your existing resources, enabling convenient, smart and seamless user experiences. Receive asynchronous messages from your consumers and engage them in a two-way discussion. Create SMS-based marketing campaigns and add automated responses.

SMS CallBack

Connect your SMS messaging campaigns to your existing connection systems, enabling convenient, smart and seamless user experiences. Monitor the success of campaigns in real-time.

QR Code Callback

Quick Response codes are hugely popular with consumers and provide a unique and speedy way to connect those customers who are viewing any print media associated your organisation. Connect offline media to your online connection management tools. Enable real-time performance monitoring of your offline media campaigns.


Survey your customers before and after they connect with you. Route them to the best agent to deal with their query. Collect valuable information about customer behaviour, satisfaction ratings and their preferences.

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