Offer visitors a convenient and effective call-to-action

Offer visitors a convenient and effective call-to-action

Create an advantage over your competitors by adding a convenient new call-to-action to your website.

i800 Click to Call gives your customers the opportunity to request a callback from a company representative at a time of their choosing. Callbacks can be requested for either later that day or at a specific time on a future date, up to 7 days in advance.

Your business may be expanding fast, and incoming connection volumes increasing beyond your capacity – you need a way to manage incoming customer queries more effectively.

Your current communication channels are becoming increasingly inefficient. For example, before answering a call, you don’t know who’s calling and why, so conversations are lasting longer. Furthermore, you’re finding it impossible to predict your call volume during any set period.

Simply by adding a callback option to your website, you will increase the efficiency of your customer service team and improve customer satisfaction. Your conversion rates will increase, and website ‘bounces’ will reduce.

A range of pricing plans are available, designed to meet the exact needs of your business. For example, we offer free, monthly and annual plans with significant discounts available for longer terms.

i800 Click to Call Features


Easily Add Extra Functionality

As with all our QuickStart Bundles, i800 Click to Call can be customised through the addition of one or more of our iTel Services.

For example, using additional iTel services could enable you to track where each callback request is originating from, enabling you to see which web pages are generating the most connections and which require improvement.

Included with every QuickStart Bundle

No Hardware

Our services can be up and running within hours and – as they are all cloud-based – no additional hardware or software is required.


All our services are fully-scalable, so no matter how big or small your business, our connection solutions will be suitable and affordable.

Payment Plans

We keep our recurring fees as low as possible meaning you only pay for what you use, and we offer various payment plans including fixed-term, monthly and pre-pay.


Our services are hosted by some of the world’s leading Cloud providers and are extremely fault tolerant – our SLA guarantees a minimum uptime of 99.95%.


Our iTel services each provide a different function and can be integrated with any other of our services to expand its capabilities – if you can think of it – we can make it happen.


Our services are all designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing technology and our range of APIs allows us to create powerful integrated connection tools.