Our QuickStart and individual iTel services are designed to suit businesses of any size through zero setup costs, a “pay-as-you-go” pricing structure, volume discounts and real-time cost tracking, allowing users to constantly monitor and improve their return-on-investment.


There are no limits on the number of connections and we don’t charge per seat. Subscribers are free to create as many users (admins, managers, agents) as needed. Our cloud-based network dynamically scales to meet your needs.


Instantly view how often, how much and by whom your services are being used. Access billing information in real-time. Provision new services at the click of a button.

Only pay for what you use

Our QuickStart Bundles have no setup charges and subscription costs are kept as low as possible. You pay a small connection and/or usage fee for each web chat, SMS, telephone call, or any other relevant service.

Volume and term discounts

We offer discounted pricing to subscribers that choose longer-term contracts. Additionally, we also offer volume discounts, so the more you use – the greater your ROI.

Our Pricing Explained...

No Setup Charge

Our full range of QuickStart Bundles come with no setup charges.


Subscription enables our QuickStart Bundles and iTel Services to be accessed by your employees and more importantly your customers.


Each service connection (session) is tracked and charged. This innovative method of billing ensures you are paying for only what you are using. A certain number of connections are included…

Usage Charges

For some bundles and services that utilise telephone calls and SMS, we charged usage fees. Our usage rates are highly competitive and discounts are available for high volume use.

Example Pricing

Itemised Monthly Usage Report Example