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How to view the progress of a dialler queue?

Log into your subscriber account. nFrom the menu, click on Your Services > iVoice > iVoice Dialler > Create/ConfigurenFrom the ‘Dialler Queues’ page, click on the name of a queue to view its progress and access historical information about that queue. nSet your search criteria (if required) before clicking the ‘Search’ button:n nn# Descriptionn1 Select a start date for the record(s) search.n2 Select how to present the search results, i.e. in which order they should be presented.n3 Choose a start time for the record(s) search.n4 Choose an end date for the record(s) search.n5 Choose an end date for the record(s) search.n6 Select a status from the dropdown boxn7 Select an SMS status from the dropdown box (used for SMS Broadcasts).n8 Select a call status from the dropdown boxn9 Select an agent status from the dropdown boxn10 Select a visitor status from the dropdown boxn11 Start the searchn12 Click to export the search results to a CSV filen13 Click to create an SMS notificationn14 Click to reprocess pending callsn15 Delete all items in the queuen16 Shows the status of the calln17 Shows the SMS status of the calln18 The time at which the call was processedn19 Shows the call statusn20 Shows the status of the agentn21 Shows the status of the visitorn22 Reprocesses the individual calln23 Edit the call detailsn24 Remove the call from the queuen25 Manually add a call to the queuen26 Custom fields imported into the dialler