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How to view dialler queues?

Log into your subscriber account. nYou will see a menu bar like the one shown below.nFrom the menu, click on Your Services > iVoice > iVoice Dialler > Create/Configuren nnYou will then see the ‘Dialler Queues’ page, as shown below:nThe ‘Dialler Queues’ page shows all configured dialler queues and their status:nn nnEach dialler queue shows the following information and options:nn# Descriptionn1 The friendly, easily identifiable name given to the queuen2 The callback service id that has been assigned to the queue for configuration and billing purposesn3 The date and time that the queue was last updatedn4 The number of records that have been imported to the queuen5 The number (and percentage) of records that have been processed by the service so farn6 The number of records yet to be processedn7 The number of invalid records (telephone numbers) imported in the queuen8 The error count for the queuen9 The number of records currently being processedn10 The number of records that have been re-processedn11 The current processing status of the dialler queue – started (yes) or stopped (no)n12 The time elapsed from the last processed recordn13 Start processing records in the queuen14 Import records for processing into the queuen15 Edit the queue configurationn16 Remove the queue from the list of available queues (all records will be deleted)n17 Add a new queue to the list ready for configuration and import