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How does an online visitor use iLiveSite Chat?

iLiveSite Chat is simple for your visitors to use.The design of iLiveSite Chat is customisable, but the functions are similar in every instance.Below is an example of the iLiveSite Chat service.In this example, iLiveSite Chat appears as a widget at the bottom right of the web page:Once the customer clicks on the widget, the chat window opens:Once the visitor fills out the short form and then clicks on ‘Start Chat’, the following screen appears:The visitor types a message then clicks on or presses their ‘Enter’ button to send it.In the above example, the visitor is number three in the queue. Once the visitor reaches the front of the queue, a customer service agent will respondFor more information,  please refer to the "Visitor View" section of the iLiveSite Chat User Guide.