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If iConnecTel could provide you with a real-time list of customers and prospects who are about to give up and abandon your inbound contact centre queues, would that be of value to you?

Have you ever experienced the frustration of being trapped on-hold in long call queues with no option other than to wait, or simply hang-up? Have you ever felt anger and dissatisfaction from being told... “Your call is (not) important to us. All of our agents are busy at this time, please hold or try again later”. Perhaps voice mail is something that moves you from feeling frustrated to being annoyed, making you think twice about doing business with a company again.

These are just a few of the frustrations that many of your customers and prospects are faced with every time they try to contact a company representative.

Yet they are frustrations that can be quickly and easily alleviated through the use of iQueue Manager; an adaptive queue management service from iConnecTel, that will enable your business to realise an increases in peak call handling capacity, without the normal increase in costs.

iQueue Manager

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Customers and prospects are often frustrated by excessive hold times, and the walls of separation that exist between them and your company representatives.

This ultimately leads to lost profit and reduced revenue for your business.

With no software to manage and no premise equipment to purchase, iQueue Manager effectively removes these frustrations and enables the business to achieve competitive advantage and substantial ROI from day one.

For your customers, iQueue Manager means no more holding in frustrating contact centre queues. Instead, they are offered the option of a free call-back, only when a agent becomes available.

Furthermore, this can be on any telephone number and at the most convenient time for the customer.

Frustrations are immediately alleviated, and customers are happy that they are able to go about their business simply looking forward to a free call-back.

By subscribing to iQueue Services your agents directly benefit from reduced frustration and improved service levels, with no specialised training required.

Churn is therefore reduced and operational efficiencies considerably improve, while peak call volumes are managed much more resourcefully.

The end result being happier and more enthusiastic agents, answering more calls.

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iQueue Manager Datasheet

iQueue Manager


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