i800 v 800  

Customer Experience Management (CEM) is now seen as a critical subject area for every business, and therefore you will be pleased to learn that the i800 experience is far superior to that which is experienced from having to dial an antiquated 0800 number. With traditional 0800 interactions, the business owns the communication channel. But today, winning businesses know they need to engage with customers and prospects on their terms, as quickly and a efficiently as possible - providing that all important speed-to-answer experience...

First off, i800 removes on-hold, call costs and IVR menus, whether the customer is using a land line or mobile phone, resulting in reduced abandonment and happier customers. Besides this, customer details and helpful contextual data is presented to contact centre agents pre-call, meaning agents know what the call is about and how to deal with it, before speaking to the customer directly, which helps to shorten call length and instantly increases customer satisfaction. Furthermore, i800 affords customers complete control over when they receive a callback and on which telephone number, conveying a sense of empowerment and choice, in direct contrast to 0800, which provides no options or user preference at all.

By subscribing to iShare, which directly complements i800, call centre agents can offer a virtual helping hand to customers on any web page, by assisting them to fill out online forms or by pushing useful content to them in real-time. 0800 on the other hand is totally disconnected from the web and detached from the real needs of those online customers who are in desperate need of attention.

In relation to MI and Statistical data, the ability to measure valuable information comes as standard with i800, meaning better web campaign management, and real-time control over contact centre resources. For Contact Centre Managers i800 provides the opportunity to add iQueue Manager functionality to help ease agent load and optimise service delivery levels. For eCommerce Managers, i800 means they can see web footprints and better understand where bottle necks exist, and tie call resolution results to a specific call; resulting in a new found ability roll-up results and discern whether or not there are any common issues that can be delivered in a self-service model, to reduce inbound call volumes and unnecessary cost in the future.