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i800 Click to Call Overview
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i800 Click to Call Features:

Administration Focus:
Service Lias A friendly informative name providing quick and easy i800 service reference
Service Desciption A descriptive representation of each i800 service subscription
PSTN Delivery Tel. Number Complete control of where calls should be routed to, i.e. agent/skillgroup/contact centre/location
Distibution Method Business rules based call routing to one or many agents/skillgroups/contact centres
Availability Control - Define and manage availability based on your time of operation, i.e. office hours
- Define and control access to your i800 service based their geographic location
- Mark your i800 service as unavailable on specific days, i.e. public holiday
Delivery Time-out Set call delivery time-out parameters
Callback Retry Determine i800 retry attempts based on call progress result
Retry Delay Delineate parameters associated with delay between retry attempts
Call Flow Choose how callbacks should be initiated (customer first / subscriber first)
Automated Abuse Management Block specific telephone numbers/telephone number ranges/IP Addresses
Queue Status Check Prevent repeat calls being scheduled by callers
Online Management Service management from any location via a secure web browser
Real-time Reporting View and analyse historical information relating to the use of any i800 service
Missed Callback Recovery Monitor unsuccessful callback attempts
Missed Callback Email Alert E-mail notification of every unsuccessful callback attempt enabling immediate recovery
Real-time Status Monitor in real-time the status of calls being serviced by i800
Agent/Advisor Focus:
Agent Detection Ensures an agent is available and committed before customer is re-connected
In-Call Control Allow agents to control the status of i800 calls using their telephone keypad
In-Call Rescheduling Permit agents to re-schedule calls, on call status i.e. busy/voicemail/no answer
In-Call Classification Capture vital ROI data from within the contact centre
Agent Auto Accept Agents can accept i800 calls without telephone keypad input
Call Intelligence
Web or Email view of contextual data about the call, before speaking to the caller
Customised Whisper Alerts agents to specific incoming i800 calls i.e. campaigns/product line/type
Customer/Caller Focus:
Customised Branding Ensure i800 remains an integral part of your customer strategy
Callback Scheduling Enables customers to schedule callbacks on a First In First Out / ASAP basis
Call Intelligence Provides the means for customers to attach details to their interaction request
Speed-to-answer... No on-hold, no IVR menus, no voice-mail, no telephone tag

Also included with your i800 subscription:

Service Level Agreement - This is the most important part of choosing a service provider, the lowest price is not always the best if it means sacrificing speed, availability and support staff who know what they are talking about. iConnectel pride themselves on the highest levels of quality and customer service. iConnectel Service Availability has been a consistent 99.99% for the past three years and guaranteed this service level.

24X7 Support- iConnectel are committed to providing customers with the highest level of technical support and service levels in the industry today. iConnectel's technicians are experts in their field, not only keeping first-class client services standards but also providing friendly and quality technical advice whenever necessary.

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Click to Call Benefits include:
Click to Call Benefits
Contact center efficiency gains are quickly realised through shortened call length, and peak call time management, by fully leveraging existing telephony infrastructure...
Click to Call Benefits
Using Click to Call results in agent morale and productivity reaching an all time high, as agents will deal with happier, less frustrated callers, who will look forward to receiving a free call-back.
Click to Call Benefits
Allows customer call requests to be dynamically delivered to the most appropriate CSR or Skill-group, based on the customer’s need, location or selection criteria...
  Download our datasheet to read more about the benefits of using i800 Click to Call:

i800 Click to Call Datasheet

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