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i800 Callback Dialler

To start processing callbacks, log in to the ‘Agent Screen”.nYou will see the ‘iVoice Callback Contact Centre Agent Screen’ as shown below:nn nnChoose the product or service you will be working on. In the above example, we have selected the ‘iConnecTel Online Sales’ service.nOnce the relevant callback dialler queue has been started, you will be able to review the calls being processed and subsequently connect to customers.n1. Answer your phone in the normal BAU approachn2. You will hear a whisper IVR and a 4-digit reference numbern3. Enter the 4-digit code you’re given into the ‘Enter Call Reference Number’ box on-screen and click on the ‘Submit’ button as shown below:nn nnThe customer’s details will appear:n nn# Feature/Descriptionn1 The current status of the calln2 The call’s unique IDn3 The call’s reference numbern4 The service you are using to process callsn5 The name of the service you are using to process callsn6 The customer’s telephone numbern7 The name of the dialler queue we are working onn8 These are custom fields we added to the queuen9 A pre-filled field added to the queuennAs soon as you are ready to, click on the ‘Accept Call’ button to connect to the customer. nThe call status will automatically update to show you the progress of the call, as shown below:nn

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