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i800 Callback Dialler

To set the maximum calls value for a specific time slot, go to the Management Dashboard and select:nYour Services > iACD > iACD Schedule > Service Schedulesnn nnThe screen shown below will appear:nn nnClick on the service name for the service you are using for your queue.nThe screen shown below will be displayed:nn nnService ID 60012 also has a schedule named ‘iConnecTel Online Sales’. Click on the schedule name to continue, and the following screen will be shown:nn nnClick on the day you want to change the max calls value for:nn nClick on the edit symbol next to the relevant time slot:nn nnEnter your chosen max calls value:nn nnClick on the ‘Save Schedule’ button at the bottom of the screen. The max calls value for that time slot will now have changed, as shown below:nn

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