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i800 Callback Dialler

To add call classifications, go to the Management Dashboard and select nYour Services > iKnowledge > iVoice Callback.nYou will see a list of services, as shown below:nn nnClick on the service you wish to add classification options to; you will see the following screen:nn nnSelect the ‘iVoice Callback (Post-Call Survey)’ tab:nn nn# Descriptionn1 Click to add a classification or call disposition optionn2 The ID number of the classification or call dispositionn3 The classification name that appears to the agent (see 7.2)n4 SMS actions associated with the classification or call dispositionn5 Click to remove the classification or call dispositionn6 Previously added classifications or call dispositionsnnIn the above example, four classification options have been added to the service:n• Sale agreedn• Sent SMS with more detailsn• Left voicemailn• Requested not to be contacted againnTo add a new classification, click on the ‘Add Classification/Call Disposition’ button. The screen shown below will open:nn nnClick on the ‘Select ID’ dropdown box:nn nnand select the next unused ID (in the case of our example, this will be ‘5’).nn nnType a name for the classification in the ‘Enter classification name’ box shown below:nn Figure 88 – Name a classification IDnnTo set an SMS action for the call classification, click on the dropdown box and choose an option:nn n nnOnce you have made all your changes, click the ‘Update’ button at the bottom of the screen to save your changes.

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