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iConnecTel Telecom Ltd
iConnecTel Telecom Ltd

16 Upper Woburn Place
United Kingdom.
Company No. 12966417
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iConnecTel provide the incremental building blocks needed to enable organisations to manage, monitor and adapt their consumer experiences.  We have a demonstrable and proven track record of delivering outstanding services and solutions in line with strict Service Level Agreements.

Our hands-on approach and enthusiastic customer care are what sets us apart from other suppliers within the communications industry, and these are just a couple of reasons why the majority our clients partner with.  Our services are fully scalable for businesses of any size. Our clients include large multi-site, multi-region corporations, as well as many medium and small-sized companies.  We pride ourselves on working closely with all our clients to tailor our communication services to their exact needs. This dedication to service quality and results are what has made us a leader in the field of business communications for more than two decades.

Reliable – Our services are hosted by some of the world’s leading Cloud platform providers and are extremely fault tolerant – our SLA guarantees a minimum uptime of 99.95%.

Configurable – Our iTel services each provide a different function and can be integrated with any other of our services to expand its capabilities – if you can think of it – we can make it happen for you.

Extendable – Our services are all designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing technology and our range of APIs allows us to create powerful integrated connection tools and consumer experiences.

Affordable – Flexible pricing designed for innovation and agility.  We provide the ability to pilot services without commitment, offer pay for what you use terms, as well as various payment plans including fixed-term, monthly and pre-pay. Volume discounts are applied automatically and fixed term discounts are available to help optimise your costs.

Scalable – All our services are fully-scalable, so no matter how big or small your business and customer pool, we can scale to service any capacity that you require.

Cloud Service – Our QuickStarts can be up and running instantly or within minutes or in just a matter of hours, and as they are cloud-based microservices they require no additional hardware, software or integration.

Support – A choice of packages to ensure that critical business processes are always available. We provide live 24 X 7 support of our services for those that require mission critical support.


We have maintained our services at 99.999% availability for over 15 years thanks to our distributed, cloud-based service model.


If our services don’t improve your consumer experience we will work with you until they do.


You can automatically earn Development Credits. Credits can be ‘cashed in’ with us at any point in return for customisations to your services.

Uptime For
15+ Years




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